Our office has temporarily moved to a new location.

We are at 212 Calumet Center Road, LaGrange, GA, 30241, while our Broome Street building is being renovated. We plan to be back in our permanent home by late 2024.

Our mailing address has not changed. P.O. Box 790, LaGrange, GA 30241. Please call our office at 706-884-7348 if you have any questions.

Our Mission

To resource and catalyze efforts that make Troup County a great place to live for all of its residents.

Our Vision

Everyone in Troup County has a quality education, good job, safe and affordable housing, engagement in the community, and what they need to flourish.

Our Values

LEARNING: We listen and learn before we act. We use the knowledge we’ve gained through our experience serving the community while recognizing that we have a lot to learn. We act in partnership to create the change we seek.

TRANSFORMATION: We strive to make a difference in individual lives and throughout the community. When we invest in our community, peoples’ lives are better as a result. Everyone in the community should have access to the opportunities that make this community a great place to live.

STRATEGY: We are strategic in our work and understand that carefully planned and well-executed strategies have the best potential for impact. We dream big and think outside the box. We think ahead and take the steps necessary for change in the long run.

RESPECT: We treat all people with respect. We respect the work of organizations and leaders in the community. We care about our colleagues and teammates. We value the highest standards of conduct and ethics.

STEWARDSHIP: We have a responsibility to the work and legacy of the Callaway Foundation. We know we have a special influence in the community and we will steward that influence and our resources well. We take seriously the responsibility and privilege that comes with the stewardship of a public trust.