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Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. in the office of his store -- "Callaway's Mammoth Department Stores."

There is a long and inspiring history of Callaway philanthropy.

Callaway Foundation, Inc., was started with contributions totaling less than $1.5 million. No other contributions have been made to it. Since the time it was organized on November 12, 1943, and the end of its 78th fiscal year, September 30, 2021, the Foundation has made contributions for recognized religious, educational, and charitable purposes, such as schools, colleges, churches, hospitals, libraries, recreation, and downtown renewal of a total of $419,255,202, including authorized but not paid contributions in the amount of $13,777,854. Assets at September 30, 2021 were valued at $277,256,184.

Callaway Foundation, Inc. was created by the late Fuller E. Callaway, Jr. in 1943 as Callaway Community Foundation, but the beginning of its motivating ideals and principles can be traced to a much earlier date - more specifically, to the early 1900's and to the concerns of his father, the late Fuller E. Callaway, Sr., in the health, education and welfare of the people in the community in which he lived and did business.

Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. was keenly interested in the well being of his friends and neighbors, the employees who worked in his businesses, and this marvelous legacy of caring concern for others was perpetuated by his son, Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., and his wife, Alice Hand Callaway, both of whom are now deceased. Ida Callaway Hudson, the daughter of Fuller and Alice Callaway, and her husband, Charles D. Hudson, with fifty-one years of Trustee service between them, including many years of joint service with her parents, carried on the good works of the Foundation.

From time to time other family members and business colleagues have also served as members of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, using their skills to enhance the deliberations and decision-making process. It is interesting to note that as different perspectives and influences are brought to bear, the overall focus of the Foundation continues to be the provision of steady, unceasing support for the LaGrange area and its people.

From the beginning, in the early 1900's, Fuller E. Callaway, Sr., and the companies managed by him, exhibited an interest in the community, and in the people of the community, which was far in advance of his time. He directed the building of schools and hospitals, and aided substantially in the building of many churches. Under his leadership nurses were brought in, and a clinic established. Dentists and dental chairs were set up for the children in the schools.

In 1907, a contract was entered into with the Right Reverend C. K. Nelson, Episcopal Bishop of Georgia, under which a hospital was constructed, equipped, and supported by the Callaway group of companies, under the management of the Bishop, and under which other charitable work was carried on in the community by the Bishop. In 1913, a charter was granted to LaGrange Settlement which was organized to formalize and expand such hospital and charitable work. Included among the incorporators were the Right Reverend C. K. Nelson, Bishop of Georgia, Reverend H. D. Phillips, and Fuller E. Callaway, Sr.

Hospital of the Good Shepherd was an early activity of LaGrange Settlement.
In 1919 Fuller E. Callaway, Sr., and his associates received a charter for another new charitable, religious, and educational corporation under the name of Textile Benefit Association. This Association further broadened the scope of Mr. Callaway's interest in his fellowman.

Fuller E. Callaway, Sr., died on February 12, 1928, but the charitable, educational, and religious organizations which he had pioneered continued their good work under the direction of capable Boards of Trustees.

In 1932 the Board of Trustees of LaGrange Settlement came to the determination that the principal purposes for which it was originally organized, namely, furnishing hospital and medical facilities, were by then being provided by public hospitals, and so LaGrange Settlement conveyed to Textile Benefit Association all of its net assets and ceased operation as a separate charity.

In 1944 the Board of Trustees of Textile Benefit Association decided that its charitable activities could be further broadened and carried on more advantageously in the future by another agency, so Textile Benefit Association conveyed all of its net assets to Callaway Community Foundation and discontinued its operation.

The name of Callaway Community Foundation was changed to Callaway Foundation, Inc. in 1962.

The Foundation's generosity has been broad based, with support being given to a wide variety of programs and institutions. The primary focus of its interest has been in LaGrange and Troup County, Georgia.

It is informative to learn that during its seventy-eight year existence, the Board of Trustees of Callaway Foundation, Inc. has authorized grants for religious purposes of $37,869,375. A total of $175,607,123 was approved for educational purposes and the balance of $205,778,704 was contributed for other charitable purposes.

As far as the Foundation is aware, not a single penny of its income has been used for any purpose other than the religious, charitable, or educational purposes for which it is organized. All of its funds have been either used or contributed for such purposes or have been invested, and very wisely invested, for the purpose of producing income for such purposes.